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Getting a lot ready for construction involves more than just moving dirt around. It takes time, effort and extensive planning. If you're ready to break ground on a new construction project in the Big Sky, MT area, make sure you turn to a trusted excavation company. Big Sky Land Management has the skills and equipment needed to excavate your property the right way.

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Providing superior excavation services

Searching for a local excavation company that can do it all? You've come to the right place. Our team has more than 15 years of experience and can whip your property into shape in no time.

We provide:

We can even thin out the trees on your lot to help protect your property from forest fires. Call today to speak with an experienced local excavator.

Excavation Services

We can get your lot ready for construction ASAP.

Excavation Services

Forestry Services

Need to thin out your overgrown trees? We can help.

Forestry Services

Snow Removal Services

Our team can keep your driveway clear all winter long.

Snow Removal Services

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Discover what sets us apart.

About Us

Leave the snow plowing to us

Wintertime in Big Sky, MT doesn't pull any punches. If you need help keeping your road or driveway free of ice and snow, turn to the professionals at Big Sky Land Management. We'll plow your driveway and make sure your roads are safe to drive on during the winter months. Find out why we're a preferred local snow removal company.

Excavation Work

Providing a wide range of excavation services from start to finish during the entire construction process.

Forestry Services

Helping property owners better manage their forest by mulching and masticating dead, diseased and hazardous trees. We specialize in selective thinning and fuel reduction on 1+ acre properties.

Snow Removal

Our goal is to keep roads safe and easily drivable throughout the entire winter season. We go above and beyond to guarantee you quality snow removal work.

Are you in the process of building a home?

We provide all exterior excavation services including building excavation, driveway construction, forestry thinning, utility install and concrete slab prep. In short, we are with you from the beginning to the end on your home construction project.

Is your home safe from the threat of forest fires? Forestry Management and creating a defensible space around your home and selectively thinning trees on your property are an important part in preventing damages caused from forest fires. Big Sky Land Management uses mulchers and masticators to remove trees and provide nutrients to soils and healthy trees. For instance, this technique is a very cost efficient way to remove dead, diseased and hazardous trees and can potentially save your house or property in the event of a forest fire.

Above all, Big Sky Land Management's goal is to help our clients better manage their project by providing accurate pricing, timely schedules and quality work. Our estimates are very detailed so everyone is aware of potential costs before the job begins. Throughout the job we stay connected in order to best schedule crews to be efficient while on-site. While performing the job, we go the extra mile to make sure we providing quality services.